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Going low-carb conscious has been a fad diet that’s stuck for many years because when done properly can be a very healthy lifestyle, reaping many benefits like the obvious weight loss but also help manage diabetes.

For the most part, in a healthful manner; a low-carb diet can be beneficial for those who are gluten intolerant as well since it does rule out most refined breads or anything of high carb made from wheat, barley and rye. While I’m personally not gluten-intolerant, I do find myself to have more sustainable energy throughout the day by eliminating these refined carbs for the most part, and find healthier alternatives that tastes just as good. If not, better!

I kept this recipe super basic and simple so that you have a clean slate to add any of your favorite toppings. I love getting turkey Italian sausage and using that once in a while or doing a quick saute of some thinly slice bell peppers, onions, black olives… okay, seriously anything! I’ve done a Greek style of fresh red onion, sauted spinach with garlic and crumbled feta. SO GOOD! And if you really want to get creative, instead of marinara you can use an alfredo sauce to make a white pizza which up to you can omit any cheese or not. I love keeping marinara on hand, freezing small containers. There’s nothing better than a Homemade Marinara!

One more thing before I shush! Use baby bella mushrooms instead for bite-sized appetizers. All you have to do is remove the stem (no gills) and you don’t have to broil before stuffing them. As always, have fun and get creative. Make the recipe your own and if you come up with something amazing, please share!

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  1. Remove the stems and use a grapefruit spoon (even a regular spoon will work) to scrape against the gills going along the curvature of the mushroom. Throw them away.
  2. Spray the bottom of a baking dish with olive oil cooking spray. Place the mushrooms in the dish and drizzle the tops with a little olive oil. Place the baking dish in the broiler on high for about 3-5 minutes depending on how thick the mushrooms are.
  3. Flip them, broil for another few minutes and remove from the broiler.
  4. Spoon the marinara sauce into the mushroom caps, sprinkle with as much or little red pepper flakes and grated Romano cheese. Then, top with your favorite shredded cheese and garnish with dried oregano.
  5. Place the baking dish back under the broiler for about another 3-5 minutes or until the cheese is golden.